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Our Place

Ty Newydd Farm

Ty Newydd Farm is a smallholding in a lovely Welsh valley in Carmarthenshire. We are right on a cycle track which leads all the way down to the Millenium Coastal Path at Llanelli Beach. The cycle track was once part of the The Llanelli & Mynydd Mawr Railway, the oldest public railway in Britain. Now it is part of the Swiss Valley Cycle Route (and includes 11 miles of traffic free cycling).

We are just a hop and a skip away from the stunning Welsh Botanical Gardens, and 20 minutes away from Dynefwr Castle and House, Kidwelly Castle, Aberglasney Gardens, and the beautiful beaches and coastline at Pembrey Country Park

We sell our own organic honey and eggs, which are made with great love and care by our lovely bees and hens. In the summer we also sometimes sell Conti's organic Ice Cream. We think that it's the best tasting ice cream in Wales.

And we sell the best and most beautiful stainless steel pegs, rust proof pegs & wind proof pegs in the world! Check out our Shop to find out about our pegs.

Veronika (a.k.a. Ronnie)

A lawyer & migration consultant by trade, a vet by wishful thinking, a Novice Gardener 
and Ty Newydd Farm all rounder ( i.e. The Boss ;) 


A London/Bristol based Hipster (ie: designer) by trade,
and Head Fixer-Upper of Ty Newydd Farm at all other times.  

Miss Mia

Miss Mia is, quite simply, the best doggie in the Universe.
She loves coming up to anyone and everyone to say hello. 
Sometimes she also likes to go walkabout to check out what's going on in Tumble. 
But in all other respects she is perfectly perfect.


Merlin is Miss Mia's son.
When he was a puppy he visited Ty Newydd Farm, sat on the front door step, and refused to move. We knew then that Ty Newydd Farm was meant to be ours.
Merl is always on the go, sniffing here, there, and everywhere.
He loves tummy rubs and anything edible; including forbidden raisins, and the steak that is lying on the table unattended. And going up to Merlin's Wood with Paul Pod to dig ditches.
He dreams of one day digging all the way Down Under.


Ellie spent 12 years of her life in Oxfordshire, pretending to be a sheepdog. Then her human dad Henry died and she was left just chewing the fat, in her outdoor kennel, and being a bit miserable and very sorry for herself. So she joined us for Christmas 2018 and has become a great new pack member. 

She is lovely and smiley and has a propellor of a tail. 

The Three Mouseketeers

Poppy is a Princess. (At least she thinks she is.) Which is why she has the best mane this side of the Valley.

Uncle Kuba is a Supercat. His biggest catch to date is a Weasel !!!!

Taxi is Poppy's daughter. She has the best purr this side of the Valley. She prefers to move as little as possible, so she has a bit of a weight issue (don't we all!) and so is often referred to as Chub Chub. 


Nilly is a Jacob female sheep (ewe). She is very smart, and very naughty.
She doesn't mind hanging out with her daughter Polly (but really we just call her The Lamb) but she really prefers to hang out with us, or the chooks.

Here she is after having been caught, literally, with her head in the bucket of sheep lick
(the sheep version of a giant tub of Nutella).


Polly is Nilly's daughter. She is a little bit flighty, especially when Merlin makes an appearance, but she is lovely.

Winston & Oscar

Winston is the only remaining part member (son of Trafalgar) of our old flock. 

Oscar mysteriously appeared in the chicken field while we were away on holidays. (It's not really a mystery, just ask Francis our cycle path friend and pigeon breeder extraordinaire.)

Together Winston and Oscar are in charge of 18 rescue hens. 


At the moment they are busy doing "that" as well as perfecting their songs.

The Girls

The girls are responsible for the timely, daily, delivery of our lovely free range, organic, eggs.


We lost all of our wonderful original girls last year in the "fox massacre". These ladies were rescues from the free range farm down the road. They took a while to get settled, but they are win good nick now.

Of course even though there are 18 of them we are sometimes lucky to get just 3 eggs a day.

The Bees

The bees are responsible for undertaking the most important Ty Newydd Farm duties: pollinating the trees and plants, and for producing the loveliest, sweetest, liquid gold.

and The Birds

We have lots of visitors in the garden throughout the year, including the resident nuthatches, jays, magpies, woodpeckers, pied wagtails, robins, blackbirds, and tits. They combine their voices to make the best dawn chorus. There are also lots of birds of prey - kites, buzzards, and owls. They nest in the surrounding woods and in Merlin's Wood.


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Our Motley Crew

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